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OIKN outlines three clusters for Nusantara Forest City realization

lensapostkaltim.com,- Balikpapan – East kalimantan –Director of Development, Forestry Utilization, and Water Resources of the Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) Pungky Widiaryanto stated that the authority will realize the idea of Nusantara Forest City through three clusters of programs.

It will start with the formulation of policy and plans, which will involve the arrangement processes of the carbon-neutral city road map, biodiversity action plan, forest landscape and wildlife corridor design, and Nusantara forestry plan,” he said as quoted from a release of the OIKN Communication Team received in Samarinda, Wednesday.

Furthermore, the second cluster is related to reforestation in the Central Government Core Area (KIPP) and its vicinity as well as efforts pertaining to construction and strengthening of animal reserves and supporting infrastructures.

Meanwhile, programs in the final cluster concern measures to integrate knowledge management, such as the programs of Rimbawan Nusantara, forest and nature conservation, completion of control measures for urban jungle conservation, research, conferences, and other related activities.

“We will monitor all the programs through the smart forestry monitoring and control scheme to ensure that we can keep track of all activities and developments. This, in turn, will enable us to take immediate measures in the event of inadequacy,” Widiaryanto pointed out.

It was indeed necessary to exert various further-reaching efforts in order to formulate the design of a forest city in the IKN towards a carbon-neutral city and biodiversity in the context of managing 256,142 hectares of land, he stated.

“We are establishing a forest command center that will serve as the center for the strengthening efforts in the 256,142 hectares of land. In addition, we are formulating a special program for the next five years in the form of forest restoration and nature conservation in the KIPP area and the Core Urban Area,” he noted.

Currently, the OIKN is preparing the IKN Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plan by seeking collaboration with various parties in line with the authority’s principle of attaching high importance to stakeholders’ participation.

“The OIKN is also preparing the Nusantara Forest Fund as a dedicated platform to harbor support from all parties,” he added.

The strategies and action plans aim to achieve the target of 65 percent of protected forest area in the new capital city by conserving biodiversity and integrating it with the spatial plan, master plan, and the detailed spatial plan for IKN.

All efforts align with Presidential Instruction No. 1 of 2023 concerning biodiversity mainstreaming efforts within the sustainable development program. (Team lnspstkltim)

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